One of the Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned From Internet Marketing

One thing I personally like about internet marketing and share passion about is that internet marketing is a experience that take you from one lesson to another lesson, meaning, some things you learn at a certain time for a a certain reason, and you might not fully understand as of yet why or how this happens, but the learning experience and self develoment principle of it is worthwile.

What is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about internet marketing?

One of my biggest lessons internet marketing has taught me is that, you HAVE to take ACTION, and not just taking any action, but MASSIVE action in order to get massive RESULTS. You can sit around think and procrastinate but you have to realize someone else is already DOING, and because their doing, their getting the kind of results your hoping for.

That product idea or list building idea that you have been thinking about you HAVE to act on it for you to know what is really possible. Most marketers are actually sitting on a GOLDMINE and if they really take action and put it to use, the potential can really be mind-blowing. That is one of the biggest mistakes most marketers make is procrastinating because they may feel that their idea isn’t good enough, no one will listen to them or even recommend their work.

WRONG… I’ve been there in my beginning and I know what that’s like. It was when I started putting those ideas and self belief methods into practice is when I started seeing real success. The funny thing is, you never know how someone is going to take something, and their is something for everyone. Of course not everyone will like your idea or blog post or product etc, but they are those that will, and that’s the people you want to reach out to because that’s the people that you can help that are interested and will actually recommend your articles, blog post, videos, audios etc to their community of marketers.

The fact is, you just HAVE to do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be a million dollar idea just yet, you just have to get it out of your mind or out of your notebook and turn it into something real that other people can relate to, learn from, use and implement and in turn they will give you a recommendation to their friends and partners because you are giving them value and proving yourself by stepping up. You have to step out of your comfort zone and do the things that successful people do.

One of my favorite phrases or quote you can say is, “If you want to be successful, do what successful people are already doing” and that’s so true because their already successful at what their doing, you can’t copy them of course, BUT you can copy their module or system and experience success yourself. As you hear this all the time, they are only two types of people in this world, those that watch things happen, and those that make things happen. Successful people MAKE things happen because they take action, act on their ideas and beliefs and find out first hand the potential oppose to those that don’t and never know.

The lesson is to ACT and go for it, either go big or go home like it is said. You will never know how much potential your ideas and projects could of had if you never take action. When you do take action, even if everything doesn’t go according to plan, you’ll learn what to do next time, it’s called experience and that’s what makes you a expert because you will fail at some things, but that leads you to your next success.

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