Clash of the Titans: Top Movie Review

In their epic battle with the Titans, the three Olympians – Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were provided the help of Kraken, the Sea Lord, by Hades. After their victory, the landmass was taken over by Zeus, the waters were to be ruled by Poseidon and Hades was tricked by Zeus into ruling the underworld. Centuries later, Spyros, a fisherman finds a coffin on the sea front and finds an infant with a dead lady in it. The infant is raised by Spyros as his own son and comes to be known as Perseus, well portrayed by Sam Worthington, who is a regular in the top 10 movies list.

A grown up Perseus and his family see some soldiers from Argos destroying Zeus’s, the character essayed by Liam Neeson, a veteran of many top rated movies, statue and declaring war on him. Hades, a role played to perfection by Ralph Fieness, the trusted man for the top movies, in the form of Harpies kills many of the soldiers and the rest flee with Perseus, whose family has been wiped out in the battle. King Kepheus and Queen Cassiopeia of Argos, a kingdom under God Zeus, compare their daughter Andromeda, the beauty well etched in Alexa Develos, the first choice for such roles by the top 10 movies makers, to the Goddess Aphrodite and declare they are Gods. Hades destroys the remaining Argos soldiers and ages Cassiopeia to her death. Recognizing Perseus to be the Demigod son of Zeus, he declares to Argos king to sacrifice Andromeda before Kraken or see Argos destroyed. Messenger God Hermes informs Zeus about Perseus and urges him to accept him but Zeus refuses.

Perseus is imprisoned by the Argos King for he refuses to fight the Gods. In the prison he learns about his real parents, Acrisius, well played by Jason Flemyng, actor of many top movies and Danae, the portrayal well adopted by Tine Steplefeldt, a superb choice of the top movies, from a woman named lo, a difficult role easily done by Gemma Arterton, preferred artist of many top rated movies. He also learns that Hades is responsible for his family’s death and killing Kraken would destroy Hades. He decides to join Argos in their search of Stygian Witches. Acrisius who’s living in disguise as Calibos is given super powers by Hades to prepare him to kill Persues so that Hades can take revenge of the betrayal during the clash with Titans. In the forest Persues finds the sacred Sword of Olympus and Pegasus, the flying horses. Calibos fails in his attack to kill Persues and flees after he loses a hand in battle. After the battle Persues’s wounds are healed by Sheikh Suleiman, Lord of the Djinns who join Persues in the battle against Gods.

Stygian Witches tells them that head of Gorgon Medusa will turn Kraken to stone. Only Persues survives after beheading Medusa and finds that Calibos has killed lo. With the Olympus sword he kills Calibos, who is transformed back to human form. Riding on Pegasus, Persues heads for Argos where Hades is preparing for the sacrifice. Persues turns Kraken to stone and saves Andromeda, banishing Hades to Underworld. Zeus offers him a place on Olympus and Andromeda proposes him to be King of Argos but Zeus is interested in living on Earth.

The film, directed by Louis Leterrier is loosely based on the Greek Mythology character of Perseus. Adaptation by Leterrier has been astonishing and the presentation mind blowing. The viewers are teleported to another world and seem to be lost in it without realizing it. Leterrier has pumped lot of energy, imagination and certain madness into the movie. The imagination is visible, the energy can be felt but the madness simply engulfs you. Go ahead and get involved.

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